We are very excited to host the 2015 National Holstein Convention to be held June 23-26, at Pheasant Run in St. Charles, Ill.

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Convention features include:
· Virtual Farm tours - more info HERE
· Family Night at Medieval Times
· Host day farm and industry tours
· Junior activities
· Architectural Tour on Chicago River
· Golf Tournament on-site


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2014 Spring Sizzler averages $2825

The Northwest Spring Sizzler was held May 4, 2014, in Freeport, Ill. The sale averaged $2825 on live and choice lots.

High selling lot at $6200 was KHW Redburst Madison-Red-ET purchased by London Jones, Hico, Texas. The December 2013 Redburst daughter hails from the Apple family, with her dam being a full sister to Apple 3E-96 and her dam is the EX-95 Altitude. She was consigned by High Altitude Syndicate, Platteville, Wis.

Selling for $6000 was Lot 1, a fancy Goldwyn daughter out of Rolling-Lawns Rhythm-ET 2E-93. She is backed by 10 generations of Very Good or Excellent dams back to Roxy herself! She was consigned by Rolling Lawns Farm, Greenville, Ill., and purchased by Bob Miller and Leroy Kleiner.

Consignment Buyer Consignor Price
KHW Redburst Madison-Red-ET London Jones, Hico, TX (High Altitude Syndicate, Platteville, WI) $6200
Goldwyn x Rolling-Lawns Rhythm-ET Bob Miller & Leroy Kleiner, Orangeville, IL (Rolling Lawns Farm, Greenville, IL) 6000
Golden-Oaks Mcut Cicely-ET Gueldener Farms, Moro, IL (Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, IL) 5700
Milksource Comet Alison London Jones, Hico, TX (Eldo Pries, Waverly, IA) 4800
Mil-R-Mor Goldsun Charro-ET Megan Busker, Ridott, IL (Mil-R-Mor Farm, Orangeville, IL) 4300
Ms America Chocolate-ET Koester Dairy, Dakota, IL (Tranquility Farms, Brownsburg-Chatam, PQ) 4200
Ms Cashmoney Miracle-ET Elsbernd Dairy Farms LLC, Calmer, IA (Tranquility Farms, Brownsburg-Chatam, PQ) 4100
Gueldener Dempsey Radar-ET *RC Carli Reeverts, Rockford, IL (Darren Gueldener, Moro, IL) 4000


2012 Northwest Spring Sizzler Sale in the Books!

Click here to view the 2012 catalog online. Download the catalog here.

The Northwest Holstein club held their annual spring sale on May 4, 2012. The sale averaged $2486.73 on 49 lots.
Topping the sale at $11,000 was Lot 1, Ms Alexis Colt Ali-ET *RC *PO. Her dam is Ms Apples Alexis *RC VG-85 2Y and full sister to the #1 GTPI *RC Cow 4/12 Ms Apple Brandy-ET *RC +2133 GTPI. Next dam is KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET 2E-95 DOM. Ali was consigned by Apple Partners LLC and purchased by Joseph O’Callaghn, Ireland.

OCD Reality Laurel-Red sold for $4,700 to Meier Meadows, Ridott, Ill. The September 2011 Reality daughter was consigned by Milk Source LLC, Kaukauna, Wis. Her dam is OCD Contender Lonnie-Red-ET VG-86 2Y, the 1st Milking Yearling at the RAWF R&W Show in 2011. Her next 7 dams are all Very Good or Excellent including Tora Triple Threat Lulu EX-96 GMD DOM 11*.

Sales $2,700 and Over

Ms Alexis Colt Ali-ET $11,000 Joseph O’Callaghn, Ireland (Apple Partners LLC, Durango, Ia.)
OCD Reality Laurel-Red 4,700 Meier Meadows, Ridott, Ill. (Milk Source LLC, Kaukauna, Wis.)
Erbacres Absl Candycane-Red 4,300 Rachel Koehn, Peotone, Ill. (Kevin Erbsen, Lanark, Ill.)
Golden-Oaks Pagewire 4765 3,750 Rollyn Aberle, Tremont, Ill. (Brian Vaassen, Cuba City, Wis.)
Team Blue Moon 3,600 Cody Reevert, Rockford, Ill. (Team Holsteins, Hampshire, Ill.)
Holbric-ML Baxter Dolla-ET 3,500 Dylan Reed, Vandalia, Ill. (Briak & Mark Olbrich & Mark Lomen, Harvard, Ill.)
Unique-View Sanchez Rose 3,500 Carli Reeverts, Rockford, Ill. (Glen Lyford, Davis, Ill.)
Blukel Roy Jane-ET 3,400 Steven & Julia Mitchell, Winnebago, Ill. (Blukel Holstein Farm, Granville, Ill.)
Neu-Way Observer Obey 3,200 Dylan Reed, Vandalia, Ill. (Johnathan Heinsohn, Kirkland, Ill.)
1st C. Brokaw x Golden-Oaks Dur Champ-ET 3,100 Glen Meier, Ridott, Ill. (Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, Ill.)
Rock-N-Hill-II Tatortot
Rollyn Aberle, Tremont, Ill. (Michael & Chris McCullough, Juda, Wis.)
Golden-Oaks Sanchez 5250 2,700 Rollyn Aberle, Tremont, Ill. (Olivia Rowlands & Anna Madsen, Wauconda, Ill.)
2011 Northwest Sizzler Averages $2,460

The Northwest Holstein club in Illinois held their annual spring sale on May 20, 2011. Beautiful weather and field work near complete allowed breeders from both Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin to come see some incredible uddered cows and many fancy fall calves.

Topping the Sale at $6200 was a consignment from Golden Oaks which leads back to the Roxy cow via Scientific Beauty Rae. The junior yearling by Aftershock was from Golden-Oaks Champ Rae (Ex 93-2E) with lifetime production of 1307d 120,500 4.3 5217 3.4 4083. She was purchased by Bob Miller from Mil-R-Mor. Bob had said earlier in the week a good animal comes from a family that has multiple generations of Excellent dams with multiple records. This heifer fits.

Next high Seller at $5200 was a Very Good Junior 3-year-old Aspen from Irwindale Leduc Molly (EX 94-2E) coming from Team Holsteins. Along with having a proven show record Molly has a life time production of 1687d 132,010 3.9 5138 3.4 4530. The buyer was Ryan McGuire from Orangeville, Ill.

L-R: Gary Janssen, Cristian Gongora, Eldon Mackinson (all representing Golden Oaks Farm, consignor) Lot 5: Golden-Oaks Chardonnay-ET being held by the buyer Bob Butler- Mil-R-Mor, Lot 18:Team Aspen Michele-ET held by owner Ryan McGuire, Tom Morris, Larry Kleiner, Scott Courtney

Other notable selling animals
Lot 1- A Domain with a GTPI 2000 X just fresh Planet with GTPI 2324 X Regancrest S Chassity. $4500
Lot 3 A Shottle with a GTPI 2161 $4500
Lot 47 $4000
Lot 2 – $3800
Lot 52- $3200
Lot 4- $3200
Lot 27 – $3200
Lot 36 – $3000

Sale Catalog

Stephenson Spring Sizzler 2010

The Stephenson Spring Sizzler was held May 7, 2010, at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds in Freeport, Ill. The sale averaged $1887 on 47 live lots and choices.

Topping the sale was Lot 30, a fresh Junior 2-yr-old from Matthew Lyons, Rockford, Ill. Lyonden Baxter Hillary sold for $3,800 to Koester Dairy, Dakota, Ill. Her dam is a VG-86 Throne with 28,210 3.9 1090 3.2 905 in 305 days at 1-11. Next dam is Sunny-Creek Rudolph Haiti EX-90. Her best 365-day record at 3-05 was 34, 070 3.7 1272 3.1 1052. The next 6 dams are all Very Good or Excellent including Ground Round-Oaks Hagen Helen EX-92 4E GMD. She produced 210,240 lbs. milk with a 3.8% fat test lifetime.

Rotesown Goldwyn Marble-ET, Lot 7, sold for $3,600 to Josh, Joey and Felicia Opsal, Blue Mounds, Wis. Marble, a June 2009 +1855 PTPI heifer, was consigned by Brian Rote, McConnell, Ill. She has two Very Good maternal sisters by Durham and Talent. Her dam is Rotesown Leader Marlene EX-93 3E. Her best 365-day record at 2-04 was 33,410 3.8 1264 2.9 980 with a lifetime of 156,140 lbs. milk, 6083 lbs. fat and 4817 lbs. protein. The next dam is Rotesown Jolt Maybe VG-88 EX-MS. She has five Very Good or Excellent maternal sisters. The next 6 dams are all Very Good or Excellent.

Animals were sold to six states totalling $91,950.

Stephenson Spring Sizzler 2008

An Excellent four-year-old, tracing back to Queen of the Breed, Roxy, topped the Stephenson County Spring Sizzler on May 16, 2008, at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds in Freeport. Golden-Oaks Gibs Rae-ET sold for $14,700 to Tower Ridge, Larry Dykstra and Alex Henton, Anamosa, Iowa. She was consigned by Ashley M. Higgins, McConnell, Ill.

The sale averaged $4552.00 on 42 head, grossing $191,184 and was managed by the Stephenson County Holstein Club. Tom Morris served as auctioneer with Mike Holschbach on pedigrees. The sale was chaired by Brett Zimmerman, Jason Meier, Brett Obert and Jerry Smith.