Save the Dates for Spring Thing!

2021 Junior Spring Thing March 5-6 at Water Tower in Gridley.
The Illinois Holstein Junior Association is excited to announce the annual ‘Spring Thing’ event! We are excited to be able to host this fun event for ALL of our Illinois Dairy Youth from all breeds of cattle! From gathering with friends and family to competing in the exciting annual Jeopardy and Quiz Bowl events, you are invited to attend the 2021 event! You also have the opportunity to participate in the speech, display contest, scrapbook pages and photography contest.
The IJHA Advisors would greatly appreciate your cooperation while in attendance. This year is not all ideal and some activities are not the same, but we are excited to be able to host this event! Also, we will need all the volunteer help that we can gather this year to have this weekend event run smoothly.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the IJHA Advisors.
Amy Raber 815-867-0694 Angela Paul 618-781-7751 Carl Erbsen 815-275-3101
Please submit one registration form per attendant (youth or adult). Anyone who will be in attendance must complete a form. If you need to have it emailed to you, please feel free to message the IJHA FB page or contact an IJHA Advisor. The pricing per person is on the form. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Please send ALL payments and a copy of your form to: Amy Raber, 6654 East 1200 North Rd, Gridley, IL 61744 
We look forward to seeing you March 5-6, 2021!!

View schedule, registration form, how to volunteer and more details HERE